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Strategic Water Investments: Haryana Government’s Rs. 38 Crore Boost for Rural Development Initiatives

Chandigarh, December 29 : Haryana Government Greenlights Rs. 38 Crore Initiative for Rural Water Augmentation: 9 Projects Set to Revolutionize Water Supply in Sirsa, Kaithal, and Hisar Districts”

In a significant move, the Haryana Government has approved a budget of over Rs. 38.03 crore for the implementation of nine pivotal projects under the Rural Augmentation Water Supply Programme. The approval, granted by Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal, marks a strategic step towards enhancing water infrastructure in the districts of Sirsa, Kaithal, and Hisar.

The projects encompass critical initiatives such as the replacement of old PVC/AC pipes, construction of intake structures, canal-based water works, and improvement of water supply schemes. With a focus on key villages like Kuleri, Jamal, Ahmadpur, Rupana Bishnoian, Raipur, Kharodi, Ramgarh Pandwa, and Liwalwali, these endeavors aim to address water supply challenges and boost overall water management in the region. The comprehensive plan, spearheaded by the Public Health Engineering Department, underscores the government’s commitment to rural development and sustainable water solutions.”

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