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Snatching & robbery of Prime Minister’s niece in Delhi

Delhi.(AAP)The law and order in Delhi is the sole preserve and constitutional responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affair, under the Union Government.With each passing day the law and order situation is going from bad to worse. The alacrity that Delhi Police shows in chasing political opponents of the BJP, is completely absent when it comes to providing safety to the people of Delhi. The most recent victim of this has been the niece of our Hon’ble Prime Minister. The broad daylight snatching and robbery of Prime Minister’s niece shows how miserable, pathetic and worrisome the law and order situation is in Delhi.It is all the more shocking that such an incident took place near the residences of Hon’ble LG and Chief Minister.

We urge the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India to take immediate and strong measures to restore law and order in Delhi.Delhi Police needs to be tightened and responsibility needs to be fixed for each and every crime that takes place in the city.
No lackadaisical approach should be tolerated  when it comes to safety and security of the people of Delhi. Throwing irrelevant statistics whenever Delhi Police is questioned on this issue does not help.To the MHA – Wake up atleast now and make Delhi Police accountable to the residents of India’s national capital.We do not want to indulge in any fingerprinting but want solutions from those who are tasked with the Constitutional responsibility to ensure proper law and order and safety & security of people of Delhi.People of Delhi have given BJP only the task of law & order, in which it is failing miserably.

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