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SCOPE celebrates Yoga Utsav with programme on ‘Self-Empowerment through Yoga’

Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) organized a programme on ‘Self-Empowerment through Yoga’ with Dr. Mohit D. Gupta, leading cardiologist and motivational speaker as part of Yoga Utsav 2022. The occasion was also addressed by Shri Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE. The motivational talk was followed by meditation which focused on harmonizing mind and body and relieving stress and Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Convener, SCOPE Health Committee gave the concluding remarks.

 Dr. Mohit D. Gupta, in his talk shared the nuances of positive thinking and how through yoga one can attain self-empowerment. Yoga, he said, is all about synchronization and harmonization of mind and body. Dr. Gupta presented case studies and scientific data on how individuals can unravel their true potential by the power of positive thinking and believing in themselves.

 Shri Atul Sobti, enunciating the importance of Yoga, said it is an age-old Indian spiritual tradition and has been globally accepted as a way to live a healthy and happy life. Self-empowerment, he said, can be achieved primarily by developing a positive attitude. He added that SCOPE will continue to create newer avenues to accentuate mental and physical well-being.

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