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Private hospitals to reserve 20% beds for COVID 19 treatment as per Delhi Govts order-Sisodia

New Delhi,Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia directed all private hospitals of Delhi to reserve 20% beds for patients undergoing COVID 19 treatment. The focus behind this order was to make sure that no hospital refuses to treat patients suffering from coronavirus. “There are a few private hospitals which are facing difficulties in reserving 20% of their bed capacity for COVID 19 patients. If they do not agree to the Delhi Govt. directions to keep aside 20% of their bed capacity for treatment of COVID 19 patients, then we will have to convert them into fully dedicated COVID 19 hospitals,” he said.
Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia and Health Minister Shri Satyendra Jain addressed a joint digital press conference today. “ We do not have to get into the data or any competition with other states, our focus is to save the lives of the people. Hon’ble CM Arvind Kejriwal also believes that our attention should be more on helping people recover by providing them with apt medical facilities. COVID 19 cases are on the rise, and that is why we are also increasing the number of COVID dedicated hospitals. 5 Govt. and 3 Private hospitals are fully COVID 19 dedicated hospitals. Delhi Govt. has also directed 61 private hospitals to reserve 20% of their bed capacity for patients coming for COVID 19 treatment,” said Dy CM Manish Sisodia
Shri Manish Sisodia highlighted that some of the private hospitals have followed the instructions in starting the mixed system (20% bed reservation for COVID 19), but others are facing problems in adhering to the same. “Those private hospitals which are facing difficulties in following the mixed system will be completely converted into COVID designated hospitals. They have time till tomorrow. Moolchand, Gangaram and Saroj hospitals have been converted into fully COVID 19 hospitals,” he added.
Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister said the intent behind doing this is to facilitate patients to continue getting treated in these hospitals after they are also tested positive for COVID 19. “Our aim is to make sure that COVID 19 patients in Delhi do not get to suffer owing to the lack of available beds in hospitals. Hence we are constantly reminding all private hospitals to reserve 20% beds.,” he said. “Asymptomatic patients do not have to be scared and rush to the hospital. Home isolation is a very good option for patients with no or very mild symptoms.”
Health Minister Shri Satyendra Jain said, “ There are three types of COVID 19 patients. There are asymptomatic patients with no or very mild symptoms- with a slight fever and mild cough. They can be treated and recover in-home quarantine. The second category of patients has moderate symptoms with a respiratory rate of more than 15 within a minute. And then there are ones with severe symptoms. Their respiratory rate is more than 30 in a minute. Cases when oxygen level goes from 90 to 94% and breathing is more than 15 in a minute(moderate category), and when oxygen level goes below 90% and the patient’s breathing rate is more than 30 in a minute (severe category), then they should be hospitalised. Delhi Govt. has taken on various measures to treat patients under mild and severe category and help them recover fast”

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