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PNB encourages its customers to update KYC by Dec 12, 2022

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 New Delhi,: In line with the RBI guidelines, Punjab National Bank (PNB), the nation’s leading public sector bank, has been encouraging its customers to update their Know Your Customer (KYC) information before December 12, 2022. The bank has sent out two Notices to the registered address and SMS notifications on registered mobile numbers of customers whose accounts have become due for KYC updation. Further same is published on the bank’s social media handles and advertised in the Newspaper on 20.11.2022 and 21.11.2022.

The newspaper notification states, “As per RBI guidelines, KYC updation for all customers is mandatory. If your account has become due for KYC updation as of 30.09.2022, in terms of notices/SMS already sent to your registered mobile number, you are requested to contact your base branch to get your KYC updated before 12.12.2022. Non-updation may lead to restriction of operations in your account.”

 As part of the KYC compliance exercise, PNB customers are requested to provide their updated information like identity proof, address proof, recent photo, PAN, income proof, mobile number (if not available), or any other KYC information to their base branch through email-id registered with the bank/ by post/ by letter/ by personally visiting their base branch for the smooth functioning of their bank account/(s).

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