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News Alert…..Oil fields thefts

Oil India has always been in the News for issues, not associated with its production or performance but for oil pilferage, safety lapses, pipeline leakages and deadly blow-outs. At times it earns the credit to have been front paged in international media, but sadly for the wrong reason Accident. On 19th October 2023, all its wrong-reason credits was mysteriously dwarfed when ” Reportedly, miscreants have completely cut and stole the entire X-Mass Tree ( the oil well head) at Gazal Basti near Duliajan..” But whether police had cautioned repeatedly for quite sometime?

Does it expose, once again, the security lapses or links between internal people with the miscreants? Was it an eyewash to spend quite heavily on Drone technology for beefing up security or it was for pleasing someone very influential.

NewIP has been exposing the safety and security lapses of Oil India for the past few months relentlessly to make people aware of the facts. Stay tuned for the detailed story on the great mystery behind the stolen X-Mass tree. Only on

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