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e Discussions Organized by IndianOil, Mourigram

India Celebrated PSU Week starting 10th April,2021

New Delhi: Led the e Discussions  organized by Indian Oil Corporation, Mourigram on 16th April, 2021 on the occasion of celebration of  the Public Sector  Week. Was amazed at the esprit de corps and resilience displayed by  IndianOil executives. They seemed to be ready and willing to brave the most challenging of environment and  toughest economic landscape. What came across quite vividly was their unbounded enthusiasm, sincerity, can do attitude and confidence which is possible only  from repeated successful professional performance. Most of us know, it is the human resource of an organization which makes all the difference and ensures a world class performance. It is not without a reason that IndianOil has consistently been an Indian  representative  in the Global Fortune 500 listing. This energy behemoth is the cynosure of entire energy sector and hold its own against world’s leading companies. IndianOil, has always been a shining example of what a Public Sector Organization should be. It  has been in the forefront of PSUs which have served the nation for decades and is poised for greater deeds in future. Being India’s largest customer facing organization, IndianOil  touches consumers in myriad ways making them feel wanted and proud citizens of this great nation.-Here’s wishing the very best to IndianOil and  other PSUs of India during the Week which celebrates them.

(……   S.Mukherjee, Ex-Indian Oil Family Member) 

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