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India really needs the blessings of Lord Ram

NewsIP has always put its esteemed readers above all. Accordingly, it brings forth unique newsworthy items and showcases concerns of the voiceless. Readers will remember that as early as .

If it rains in Britain do we need to put up Umbrellas in India ?

NewsIP had showcased how in England due to the transporters’ strike, Petrol & Diesel bunkers had run dry. NewsIP had then conjectured that similar situations can arise in India as well. Many Technocrats & Senior Industry Experts had doubted our predictions and had even casted aspertions. Readers are by now aware that, unlike many media houses, we at NewsIP always rely on hard facts and try to predict future consequences on an informed basis.
The recent attempts at bringing in changes in Law regarding hit-and-run cases resulted in transporters revolt and the ceasing of operations. The Oil & Gas OMCs were the first to be impacted. There was panic amongst consumers and Retail Outlets ran out of fuel.

The Government bowed down quickly with promised to water down the changes in law and consult related parties before implementation. While this short article is not on the government workings per se it’s just to bring forth the vulnerabilities of India as a nation.

Whether it’s the Aviation Sector, Oil & Gas, Banking et al India does not seem to be really ready to deal with serious contingencies. After Russia – Ukraine and Israel – Gaza engagements and Iran attacking Pakistan and vice versa the spectre of War is alarmingly close to India.

One can only hope and pray that India continues to get the Daya Dristi of Bhagwan Shree Ram!

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