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Hell hath no fury as incompetent leaders

NewsIp had warned that CPCL and IOCL were not doing enough to manage the affairs at CPCL Chennai. It is unfortunate that despite foretelling, CPCL and IOCL management with total disregard to human lives and the environment continue to behave in an irresponsible manner.

Is it also raining Oil in Chennai? 

NewsIP firmly believes that the caretaker and contracted Chairman of IOCL can’t do full justice to the important responsibilities of a full-time Chairman. As a leader, he will either remain mute or seek an easy way out of challenging situations. Actually, he is not only duty-bound but owes a moral responsibility too. Otherwise, he will remain a mere titular head.

Faith has dealt several blows to the city of Chennai. And the citizens are facing the forces of nature as well as the incompetence of CPCL and IOCL Management. Expert opinion suggests once again that the head of CPCL and IOCL may be asked to step aside and more effective leaders, maybe even from other Oil companies, be requested to take over and meet the emergency situation.

एक तरफ़ रिफाइनरी में आग ने कई को डसा तो दूसरी तरफ़ तेल के रिसाव ने बड़ाई लोगों की चिंता

The people of Chennai are faced with an unprecedented humanitarian crisis which need to be handled carefully and with full compassion. All those who have scarce concern for human suffering should not he allowed to prolong the sufferings. It’s an act of sheer cruelty to first deny all responsibilities and then bring one calamity after another on the hapless inhabitants of Chennai. Surely they do not deserve such in competency of a clueless management bent on hurting innocent people. NewsIp prays for the welfare of all those impacted

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