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Haryana Chief Allocates Funds for Sarovar Beautification and Unveils Rs 1 Cr Statue

Chandigarh, December 23: In an announcement today, a budget of Rs 74 lakh for the development and beautification of Sannihit Sarovar was revealed by Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal. This allocation, aimed at revitalizing the sacred site, was made under the aegis of the Kurukshetra Development Board (KDB) and Shri Brahman and Tirthodhar Sabha during the International Gita Mahotsav-2023. Additionally, a Rs 1 crore statue of Maharishi Dadhichi was unveiled by the Chief Minister at the event, marking the Gita Jayanti celebration. Gratitude was expressed for the Chief Minister’s Rs 21 lakh donation to Tirthodhar Sabha during the ceremony.

In an effort to enhance the spiritual development of Santhi Sarovar, Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal expressed gratitude to various organizations, including Purvanchal Chhat Puja, Humanist World Institute, etc. Collaborative efforts with these organizations were highlighted as crucial for the continued development of the sacred lake. Assuring that any remaining beautification work would be completed through MLA Sh. Subhash Sudha, the Chief Minister ensured a seamless development process for the lake.

The International Gita Mahotsav celebrated on the holy land of Kurukshetra has gained significant global recognition, eagerly anticipated both nationally and internationally. Present at the event were Deputy Commissioner Sh. Shantanu Sharma, Superintendent of Police Sh. Surinder Singh Bhoria, ADC Sh. Akhil Pilani, and other officials. The ceremony, held on Gita Jayanti, witnessed the Chief Minister’s active participation and contributions to the spiritual and cultural significance of the occasion.

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