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IEW 2023 is a key discussion platform in the G20 calendar-Puri

Ansari Z. A. Bangalore : In an inaugural ceremony  of IEW23 in Bangalore Union Minister of PnG Mr Hardev Singh Puri has said The India Energy Week was borne out of PM Modi’s long standing vision for India’s role in the global energy transition while ensuring energy security, affordability, and accessibility for her citizens. It captures India’s dreams and aspirations of an ‘Amrit Kaal’, whilst also underlining her role in the 21st Century global economy as a ‘Vishwaguru’ following ideals of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.
IEW 2023 comes at a watershed in the global energy landscape and it will devise solutions to solve the global energy quadrilemma of energy access, affordability, and availability with security at its pivot and devise solutions for the future global energy transition.
India has already pledged to become net-zero in emissions by 2070 and cut down the emission by 1 billion tons by the end of 2030. These commitments come despite India’s historical contribution to global emissions (since 1890) is about 4%, despite being the 5th largest economy and home to 17% of the world’s population and despite India’s per capita emissions ranking lowest amongst the G20 countries and about half of the global average.
 Against this backdrop, India has carved out an energy agenda which is inclusive, market-based, and climate – sensitive. We continue to underscore the importance of oil and gas yet our commitment to climate change mitigation goals remains unabated.
 We remain focused on energy efficiencies, laying impetus on fuels of the future including biofuels and hydrogen, and increasing the use of renewable energies etc. At the same time, we are taking transformative steps to increase domestic exploration and production of traditional hydrocarbons.
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