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GAIL Ignites Green Revolution: 201 CNG Stations, Pioneering LNG

New Delhi, March 05, 2024:* In a strategic move aimed at fortifying India’s Natural Gas sector, GAIL (India) Limited has successfully inaugurated 201 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations across 17 states and introduced India’s maiden small-scale LNG unit at Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh. This financial milestone aligns with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of a Natural Gas-centric economy.

Significant Contributions and Stakeholders:

– GAIL Gas Limited spearheaded the initiative with 53 CNG stations, followed by 50 from Indraprastha Gas Limited, 43 from GAIL, and 20 from Mahanagar Gas Limited.
– The virtual inauguration ceremony saw the presence of dignitaries, including Union Minister of State Shri Rameshwar Teli, Secretary of MoPNG Shri Pankaj Jain, and GAIL’s Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Sandeep Kumar Gupta.

Strategic Expansion and Geographical Reach:
– The 201 CNG stations, strategically established by 15 City Gas Distribution (CGD) entities under the GAIL group, span 52 Geographical Areas (GAs) across 17 states.
– With ongoing CGD development in GAs from the 12th CGD bidding round, India aims to provide Natural Gas access to the majority of its population and geographical expanse.

Market Dominance:
– GAIL group companies now account for a commanding presence in the sector, boasting 40% of the country’s CNG stations and 64% of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connections.
– The total number of CNG stations nationwide has surged past 6,200, with domestic PNG connections numbering around 1.21 crore.

Innovation and Technological Leadership:
– GAIL’s groundbreaking move to establish India’s first small-scale LNG (SSLNG) unit at the Vijaipur LPG plant showcases the company’s commitment to technological innovation in the Natural Gas value chain.

Financial Implications and Market Outlook:
– This expansion reinforces GAIL’s market leadership and positions the company favorably in the growing Natural Gas sector.
– The SSLNG technology introduces a potential avenue for connecting isolated sources and consumers to the Natural Gas Pipeline Network, opening up new revenue streams.

Investor Confidence and Sustainability Impact:
– The dedication ceremony underscores GAIL’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective fuel alternatives, catering to the transport sector and households.
– The move aligns with global trends favoring sustainable energy, likely boosting investor confidence in GAIL’s long-term growth prospects.

GAIL (India) Limited’s strategic initiatives in the Natural Gas sector not only mark a significant financial achievement but also position the company as a key player in India’s evolving energy landscape. The financial implications and market outlook remain positive, reflecting GAIL’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and market dominance.

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