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Digital Platform for SME Dubai

– UAE based online marketing company will help the vendors to market their products online at as minimum cost. As mareting cost for SMEs becomes expensive an extra budget needs to be kept for marketing. GoGetters will not only market the products online but will also help to distribute the discounted vouchers of the vendors ‘Free of Cost’ to the customers to drive the traffic to the Vendor’s outlet.
Knowing the problems of a SME as she has gone through, a good Samaritan who wants to help SMEs to build business not only in UAE but also wants SMEs from India to start International plafortm in UAE.
Ms.Kisani has now joined Dr Taori Kamal who Retd. IAS Officer, International Institute for Holistic Research and Voluntary Action (India –Europe), Chairman –Rural Business Hub Foundation, Author, Social Activist with focus on Holistic Rural Development through non-exploitative, sustainable, decentralized business without grants and subsidies with over 35 years experience, working across Rural Markets, Along with the a team of people who want to ‘Market the Unmarketed India.This is to facilitate exploring the unexplored, seeing the unseen, experiencing the not experienced, hearing the unheard, selling the unsold, demystifying the highly mystified, grading the ungraded or wrongly graded, placing the unplaced, rooting the uprooted, positioning the unpositioned, organizing the unorganized, connecting the unconnected(for marketing) awakening the domant, re-evaluvate the wrongly valued, localizing the globalized and / or globalizing the localized. All these we do from the angle of ‘Marketing the Unmarked”

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