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Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog launched DigiBoxx™

 Chennai, 22.12.2020: DigiBoxx is India’s first digital management provider. I am very glad about how this offering has evolved from a mere concept, just an idea to an actual product that will greatly benefit Indian citizens as well as private and government institutions when it comes to providing digital storage and asset management services. The development of DigiBoxx, in many ways, is a testimony to the kind of impact the tech start-ups in India are making and the kind of role they should play in enabling to make rapid technological advances in the post COVID era. I am very happy to know that DigiBoxx offers digital file storage and organization by providing an easily secured way to store data, all on an Indian digital storage cloud. The development of DigiBoxx is also in line with a mandate of storing data within the country and therefore ensure data sovereignty and security. We have been working with the private sector to develop cutting-edge security products that would enable our country to lead in the post COVID era. Working with the private sector, we were able to develop several products that address themes ranging from financial inclusions to making higher education accessible to all. Therefore, I am indeed very proud when I see young technopreneurs taking the lead and working towards solidifying India’s future as the product, artificial intelligence, and technology lab of the world. With over 600 million connections, India is the largest consumer broadband in the world. 500 million + are using smartphones.  India is the world’s highest data usage for a smartphone at an average of 9.8 GB per month and the number is set to nearly double by 2024.  Not to forget the availability of mobile data at the cheapest cost. There lies an opportunity to proliferate the citizens and ensure that the government services reach the last mile. In fact, a lot of e-governance initiatives throughout the country have been deployed as cloud services at digital India programme and this is the growing need for cloud services in order to significantly improve infrastructural bottle lines.  The pandemic has further boosted the need for robust and ubiquitous digital asset management services in India in the same way as monetization boosted digital payment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will present here today’s testimony to the fact that NITI Aayog and the Government have been an active participant in enabling innovations and developing new frontier solutions.  NITI Aayog, along with AWS has launched the frontier technologies, cloud innovation center, a public-private partnership that would address societal challenges through digital innovations. At the same time, the government’s vision of cloud 2022  is aimed at making India a global hub for cloud storage, management, and computing. To the team at DigiBoxx, we, at the Government of India, are indeed very proud of what you’ve been able to achieve. Start-ups such as yours will provide the boost for India to take the lead in post COVID era which will be driven by transformational technology solutions.  I would also urge people as well as institutions to try DigiBoxx, India’s fully homegrown data storage and asset management service. This product is a great achievement for our country and entrepreneurs and we must not only support DigiBoxx but also search for innovations that are unique to India and are driven by young and promising technology leaders. I would once again like to congratulate the DigiBoxx team and wish them all the best and all the success of their product. I am sure that the people will avail your service and give your product a try. I look forward to more innovative solutions from you and all the other start-ups in the country. We are all here to provide you all the support, assistance, and hand-holding.  Thank you very much.

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