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“Celebrating Success: NBCC’s Remarkable Auction Achieves Highest Sale Realization in WTC, New Delhi History

New Delhi: NBCC conducted its 21st auction for the sale of commercial space in the World Trade Centre, Nauroji Nagar, New Delhi. The auction was held to sell a total of 3.91 lakh sq. ft. (approx.) of unsold commercial inventory, with a sale value of Rs. 1557.51 crore.

Out of this, 2.97 lakh sq.ft. the area was sold to private entities for Rs. 1183.7 crore, making it the highest sale realisation in a single auction since the launch of WTC, New Delhi in 2017. To date, NBCC has sold a total unsold commercial inventory of 21.7 lakh sq.ft. through open e-auction, with a sale value of Rs. 8751.61 crore.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India has appointed NBCC as the implementing agency for the redevelopment of Nauroji Nagar, New Delhi. As such, NBCC is authorized to market the commercial space on a freehold basis.

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