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Can process of appointments in PSUs be shifted from PESB to UPSC ?

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On the issue of Anti-Corruption in G20 countries,   Minister Shri Jitendra Singh under whom DOPT functions while clarifying his stand on the anti-corruption meeting held at Hotel Leela in Gurugram on…..( date) said that the Modi government has taken very strong steps to save the country from this termite and will continue to do so in the future as well. He welcomed suggestions to reduce corruption. Mr. Singh explained that every country has its own law regarding corruption. But the time has come when all the countries will have to make a law together for a strong cure for this serious plague confronting nations. He went on to say that the money obtained from corruption and economic scams is often used to spread terrorism. Buying and selling illegal weapons and drugs are examples of how this money is used to the detriment of society.

Mrs. S. Radha Chauhan, Secretary, DOPT, on the other hand, while responding to a question NewsIP – “Does corruption start with appointments and transfers in jobs?-newsIP” said You seem to be referring to a local issue on an international platform. While we are here for discussing the issue of how to deal with the corruption happening all over the world.

This response from Mrs. Chauhan came as a bit of a surprise. It seemed to convey that Corruption of the type mentioned is a local issue and not a global one. This tantamounts to saying Corruption in appointments is a uniquely Indian problem and thus cannot be discussed on a global forum. This is the exact attitude of Indian Bureaucrats and Senior officials which sweeps corruption issues under the blanket and tends to move on. This nature of being in a state of denial is the very thing that needs to be checked. Corruption in appointments to important and sensitive state positions cannot be tolerated by any nation or else it will bring down the entire edifice of governance. Recently the Hon’ble Supreme Court also in a historic judgment has recommended the procedure which should be adopted to Appoint the CEC. When even the Supreme Court is concerned about Appointments to important and sensitive positions is it correct to merely shrug it away as a local issue?

Well, while on the subject, news is trickling in that the term of the Chairman of PESB is coming to an end this year. Sources have suggested that one woman is leaving and another going to take the place. Now to what extent this is true? We are not in a position to confirm or deny. But what is the root cause of such speculations?
Irrespective of any government, the recommendations of appointments made by PESB have had their share of controversies.It can be left to experts in the field or the exploited candidates on what seems to be wrong and how many deserving candidates have been denied their rights based on the recommendations of PESB.
Many experts are of the opinion that a lot has changed and is changing after the coming of Modi ji’s Government. In fact the head of PESB should be a person of impeccable background, free of doubts and controversies. The position is of extreme responsibility and should be held by a person who can withstand pressure from interested parties. We are not aware if an Oath of Office is taken while accepting such a position but it should be done. Another suggestion which may bring greater transparency and accptance of recommendations of candidates for important PSUs positions is to do away with PESB and to let UPSC take over the function.
The Government is today having the Presidentship of G20 and needs to take bold and effective decisions to root out corruption from nations.

In India, the Appointment Cabinet Committee should be the ultimate in taking decisions of such appointments but the recommendation of the appointment should be made by UPSC instead of PESB. This will help in not only removing the doubts and speculations in appoinments but ensure the right candidate gets his due.

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