Vertex Hydrogen Rebrands as EET Hydrogen and Expands Role in UK’s Hydrogen Production

September 25, 2023, Mumbai/London – In a strategic move, Vertex Hydrogen has officially rebranded itself as EET Hydrogen, signaling its intent to evolve from being a subsidiary of Essar Oil UK (EOUK) to a sister company within the Essar Energy Transition (EET) portfolio. This transformation represents a natural progression in the company’s journey, transitioning from a conceptual stage into a leading hydrogen production venture in the United Kingdom.

Under the new identity, EET Hydrogen is poised to be a key driver for growth, with ambitious plans to contribute approximately 4GW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030. This ambitious target equates to nearly 40% of the United Kingdom Government’s national low carbon hydrogen production goal. EET Hydrogen’s mission is to facilitate the transition of businesses from fossil fuels to eco-friendly energy sources, thereby securing and expanding critical industries, job opportunities, and unlocking substantial investments.

The genesis of EET Hydrogen traces back to January 2022 when Essar collaborated with Progressive Energy Limited (PEL) to establish Vertex Hydrogen Limited (VHL). Initially, VHL operated as a subsidiary predominantly owned by EOUK, with a specific focus on developing the HPP1 and HPP2 low carbon hydrogen production facilities at EOUK’s Stanlow site. These plants play a pivotal role in kickstarting the hydrogen economy in the North-West region and are integral components of the HyNet industrial decarbonization cluster. HPP1 and HPP2 collectively generate a capacity of 1,350MW, with HPP1 being selected by the UK Government as one of two flagship large-scale low carbon hydrogen projects. Importantly, VHL will retain its direct ownership and commitment to HPP1 and HPP2 while expanding its scope under the EET Hydrogen brand to include other hydrogen-related businesses. The symbiotic relationship between VHL and EOUK will remain in place, albeit on an arms-length basis.

Joe Seifert, CEO of EET Hydrogen, expressed his enthusiasm for the transition, stating, “We have made substantial strides since the inception of our hydrogen venture last year, and the logical progression is for EET Hydrogen to operate as an independent entity, allowing us to fully capitalize on the vast opportunities we envision. This shift sets the stage for the continued growth of our hydrogen platform as we transform our ambitions into tangible actions.”

EET Hydrogen’s rebranding and expanded role signify a significant stride in the evolution of the UK’s hydrogen production landscape and contribute to the nation’s broader objectives of achieving sustainability and carbon neutrality.

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