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BPCL has delivered LPG cylinders at the doorstep of every customer in Kerala

Bharat Petroleum has delivered Bharat Gas LPG cylinders at the doorstep of every customer in Kerala amid the spread of Corona Virus pandemic in the state taking all precautions and strictly following the guidelines issued by the government from time to time.

Mumbai: BPCL has undertaken a slew of digital initiatives for customer convenience and safety in the present crisis situation. BPCL has become highly responsive by leveraging technology to overcome these emerging challenges. We have leveraged technology for transactions, communication, awareness and confidence building. We have embraced online platforms wholeheartedly and provided e-solutions at every level for speed, efficiency and convenience to our customers.

Bharat Petroleum is standing tall as one of the essential services provider playing a pivotal role in this hour of need and shall continue to serve our customers and the society with dedication and commitment, standing true to our core purpose of ‘Energising Lives’ of the nation

BPCL had launched WhatsApp Booking and Payments recently to make it convenient for the customers to book LPG cylinder refills. Now additional features have been provided through WhatsApp like Instant Price Information, LPG delivery tracking, creating safety awareness and taking feedback from customers. Now any customer can access the following through WhatsApp:

  • Booking a cylinder
  • Payment of booked cylinder
  • Refill delivery status
  • Rate your distributor
  • Emergency
  • Complaint or feedback
  • Price of cylinder
  • Safety videos

Apart from WhatsApp, a slew of digital initiatives has been provided to the Bharat Gas Customers like:

  • PAY and BOOK options with all major apps like G Pay, Amazon, PayTM, Phone Pe, UPI etc.
  • Bharatgas Mobile App booking and online payment
  • Miss call at 77109-55555 which helps the customer to book refill and also get a link by SMS for payment online
  • Web booking and online payment through ebharatgas.com
  • IVRS booking 7718012345/7715012345

BPCL has an LPG active customer population of 26 Lakhs families and LPG cylinders around 56000 per day were delivered at the door of every customer through our strong network of 189 domestic LPG Distributorship in Kerala despite the challenge of coronavirus pandemic. The LPG cylinders are also delivered through boats especially in Kuttanadu Region, where the families are residing on backwater Islands by ensuring social distancing to avoid the spread of the pandemic.

BPCL has organised many e-customer contact program during the Pandemic times thru’ Video Conferencing to understand their difficulties if any in getting the refills and communicated the various modes of booking and making online payment methods to ensure contactless transactions during delivery of cylinders and to ensure Brake the Chain Momentum continues.

LPG cylinders are supplied from LPG Bottling plants situated at Kochi Refinery, Kazhakuttam-Trivandrum and LPG bottling plants from Neighbouring States of Tamilnadu and Karnataka to take care of Kerala state requirements. During Pandemic times, LPG Bottling plants follow all SOP for preventing the pandemic in the plant. Our plant was operating during the entire period of total lockdown to ensure that there was no scarcity of cooking gas. Our truck crews are on continuous duty for carrying LPG cylinders to distributorship network. As soon as the lockdown was declared, the transport crew was given a brief on the SOP to be followed to ensure that there is no spread of the pandemic. They were served with free meal, sanitizer and masks. Another challenge was to get food for them en – route where dhaba and hotels were closed. BPC Retail Outlets came forward for providing a place to our drivers to cook food, take rest and have bath. Our delivery boys continued their work as usual reaching to every customer, be it in urban areas or at remote villages including Island areas. Wearing mask and gloves, maintaining social distancing and using sanitizers frequently all our delivery boys delivered cylinders at the doorstep of the customers. Bharat Petroleum provides Bharat Arogya Yojana and  Exgratia scheme for compensation in case of any eventuality due to COVID pandemic to our Corona Warriors.

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