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Big Victory for Deprived Pensioners

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New Delhi : The Apex Court has delivered the Judgement on Pension Matter under EPF Act regarding employees not allowed to exercise option under amendment 11(4) of 2014 under the Act. However, those who retired prior to 1.9.2014 will not be covered.
This brings an end to the tussle arising out of judgements of Kerala, Rajasthan and Delhi High Courts.The Apex Court’s judgement stated it will apply to both Exempted and Non Exempted category of Establishments.
While this may seem to be a victory of sorts for employees they have a long way to go before they may derive any benefits. The matter has had a chequered journey. Although EPF Act is a welfare legislation formulated for covered employees during their advanced years when they loose their income power, it was bitterly opposed by the EPF Authorities. Thus it remains to be seen if the hapless pensioners actually receive any succor  in their twilight years of life.

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