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Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) took the initiative to cater to homeless migrants & sex workers

(Mumbai) In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the world is witnessing a rise in panic, fear and anxiety.Rotary Club Of Mumbai Versova (RCMV) has thus launched impactful initiatives
to provide relief and support to all those affected by this situation and battling with the virus.Salute to the Indian Government for taking the lead in imposing strong restrictions, which at present seems the ONLY way of defence and protection. Rotary Club Of Mumbai Versova (RCMV), with support of Rotary Club of Bombay (RCB) took the initiative to cater to the issues being faced by homeless, migrants, daily wage earners, slum dwellers, sex workers, and others belonging in this category.
RCMV and RCB planned to distribute 6000 meals a day (3000 lunches and 3000 dinners) initially. But noticing and realising the much greater numbers of requirements and demands, we are now providing 30,000 meals per day everyday as on 19.04.2020. and the number if daily meals supplied are increasing day by day.
The meal is cooked, packed, loaded in vans and distributed after taking all hygiene, protocol and safety measures in action. The meals are distributed by BMC officials to the needy, in their respective wards, following the procedure laide down by the Government. WE HAVE CATERED TO ALMOST ALL 24 BMC WARDS, THEREBY SERVING ALMOST ENTIRE MUMBAI. We have provided more than 3,25,000 meals in total till date.
Our National Covid Warriors like Doctors and othe Medical Staff, Police, BMC workers, Essential Service Suppliers, etc also deserved our Salute and Attention.
RCMV took it as a duty and obligation towards them and distributed:
2600 Visors to Doctors and Police all over Mumbai.
250 PPE kits to Doctors
More than 700 litres of Almond Milk to Police and BMC workers.
More than 4000 Sanitizers (100ml each) to Doctors, Police and BMC workers.

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