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Jamaat e Tablig is a public, religious and international organization-(Maulana) Arshad Madani

New Delhi: The growing coronavirus and additionally the anti-communal anti-Muslim media under the patronage of politicians or spreading poison against Jamat e Tablig and imprisoning the Indian and foreigner Tablig by the governments was the first attack after independence of the country especially only religious and non-political Jamat e Tablig.
Jamaat e Tablig is a public, religious and international organization. Therefore, in the current situation, Jamiat Ulma-i-Hind considers it necessary to send the message to every member of the Jamaat e Tablig and also to every Muslim that despite these conditions created by the coronavirus and communal mentality, if there is a slight reduction in tablig work or in the activities, weakness can be detrimental to this international organization founded by our elders. If this epidemic of Corona, despite all its destructors, cannot prevent politicians from achieving their political gains and campaigning, so in order to achieve the success of the day of Judgment, how can the religious life of Muslims be affected to stop the religious work!
But it is necessary that the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health should be followed at every level.
Therefore, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind considers it necessary that the people should call people to worship Allah and avoid stealing, alcohol, gambling speculation, haraam and other evil, and doing human service on the basis of humanity should be continued keeping in mind the guidelines given by the government, rather try to make it stronger than before.
If the communal forces want to block the work of tablig by locking Markaz so every mosque for worship and Tablig, rather every part of the land is a mosque and a markaz, it is imperative for Muslims to stub every obstacle like coronavirus for every work of Allah and strengthens their existence, but a restriction of rules and guidelines given by Ministry of Health should be taken care of

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