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Sex Worker’s Demands to Political Parties of Delhi

We, the ‘Sex Workers of Delhi, put forward our following demands to be included in the Election Manifesto of Political Parties contesting for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020: –

“Sex workers under the banner of All India Network of Sex Workers writes to all Political Parties, seeking their space in Election Manifesto of Political Parties contesting in Delhi Assembly Election”

Police raid and rescue operation affecting adult consensual sex workers should be stopped. Sensitization of Police personnel’s and Women Commission across the different jurisdictions to treat and interact with sex workers as equal citizens of India and not as objects of abuse, disgust and ill treatment.

  • Pension for sex workers after 45 years of age in the capacity of an unorganised labourer. Pension amount should be half of the minimum wage of state, or minimum Rs 5000.
  • Consider opening Single Window to help Sex Workers, Transgender, Single Women, Homeless, HIV Positive to access all social entitlement services, free from discrimination as well as redressel from violence perpetrated by different stakeholders.
  • Detention centres, women correctional homes need to be improved. Sex Worker’s shelter homes should be provided with basic support services including Anti-Retroviral Treatment for HIV Positive Women, medical care and support for other health conditions.
  • Medical facilities without discrimination should be made available to Transgender Population in addition to sex workers in the Govt Hospitals.
  • Rights of Sex Workers, Transgender, Un-organised workers, Single Women, Homeless as Citizen of country should be highlighted through Information Education and Communication (IEC) and other publicity materials.
  • Developing Para Legal Volunteers (PLV) from among the community members who will be posted in Police Stations, Legal Bodies (Legal Service Authorities) and Administrative Courts.


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