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The main issues facing in this country today are unemployment-Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Parliament Rahul Gandhi, On a question about the Budget speech of Finance Minister, Shri Rahul Gandhi said- the main issues facing in this country today are unemployment and the situation as far as economy is concerned. I didn’t see any concrete idea, any strategic idea that could help our youngsters to get jobs. I saw lot of tactical stuff, you know, redundant things. I didn’t see any central idea.
I think, it describes the government quite well. (Asking a question to media persons) How many hours it was? (Media persons said, “more than two hours”) more than 2 hours, 45 minutes I think, I don’t remember exact time. Lot of repetitions, lot of rambling, nothing concrete, so, it is the mindset of the Government, all talk, all talk, all talk, nothing happening, but, the country is off course suffering. You can ask and I will speak directly to the youngsters in university and college. 
 (Addressing the youths and students of India, Shri Gandhi said) You know exactly what is going on. You know that you don’t have a future as far as jobs are concerned and nothing happened here to help you.

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