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Which mask we should buy? People of India

New Delhi: An advisory’s on Mask with air valve smells foul , Govt agencies has taken almost four to five months to take a call on the use of a mask with air valve with the pretext of filtering of coronavirus 🦠 through the valve and advising the public at large to use other mask available in market . It seems to be a big scam through the marketing of spurious masks. It seems Govt agencies failure along with the health agencies.
The role of agencies is under question mark.
Why health agencies did not investigate factual reports and take a vital decision for the quality of the mask. Now people are very much afraid which mask we should take?
The second question is why we could not verify mask lab reports and quality reports.
This is the dirty game played with the poor people of India and loot in the garb of masks, Govt should take stringent action against the involved agencies.

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