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The Government must protect the supremacy of the Constitution: Maulana Arshad Madani

New Delhi: A three-member bench of Supreme Court of India today heard a petition filed in the Supreme Court of India to resolve the dispute over Varanasi Gyan Vapi Mosque and Kashi Mathra Eid Gah. The advocate for the Petitioners Vishnu Shankar Jain sought four weeks time from the court as his senior counsel was in some personal difficulty.
Dr Rajiv Dhawan was present to discuss the matter on behalf of the Jamiat-i-Ulema as an Applicant seeking impleadment.
The matter was listed before a bench comprising of Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India S A Bobde, Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. Subhash Reddy and Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.S. Bopanna in VC Court 1 as Item No. 9 filed by Hindu organization namely Vishwa Bhadra Pujari Purohit Mahasangh and others, challenging the legality of the constitutional status of the Places of Worship Act. However, the petitioners’ counsel sought time from the Court for four weeks.
On this issue, Maulana Arshad Madani, President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said that it is the duty of the government and the court to uphold and protect the supremacy of the Constitution. We hope that the rule of law will prevail.
Maulana Madani said that bypassing the law of Protection of Religious places of worship, the government has taken this constitutional responsibility to protect the places of worship of all religions.
One of the main purposes of this legislation was to strengthen the foundations of secularism, but in spite of this, an attempt has been made in the court by an organization by putting a question of the constitutionality of this law. Providing the safety of places of worship is a constitutional responsibility of the court and the government.
Dr. Rajeev Dhavan, Senior Advocate along with Advocate on Record Mr. Ejaz Maqbool, Advocate Shahid Nadeem, Advocate, Akriti Chaubey and Advocate Aishwarya Sarkar, appeared on behalf of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind

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