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Pee Safe launches new range of personal and intimate hygiene products amidst increased demand

The products include reusable sanitary pads, undergarment sanitizer spray, oxo-biodegradable disposable bags and an intimate hygiene powder, all of which are gentle on health and the environment

New Delhi, Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, has launched a string of new products as part of its ongoing efforts to provide consumers with hygiene and sanitization solutions. These include reusable sanitary pads, oxo-biodegradable disposable bags, an undergarment sanitizer spray and intimate hygiene powder. The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted the importance of personal hygiene more than ever before. Just before the onset of the pandemic, Pee Safe had launched their Raho Safe range of products, which included alcohol-based hand-sanitizers and surface protectant. They have now also launched a faceguard as a part of this range.

As per estimates, the overall intimate hygiene market is expected to grow past the $5 billion marks by 2025. The exponential growth of this sector has also extended to the Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and rural markets. While COVID-19 has been a major catalyst, there is also a greater understanding of the present and future risks among people, leading to a permanent change in the societal outlook on hygiene.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe, said, “We are happy to bring out a new range of hygiene and sanitation products for our consumers. The products, which come in unique and quirky packaging, have been formulated and designed specifically to address the focus on personal hygiene. Our TG comprises mostly millennials who are aware of the impact of products they use both on their health and the environment at large. This is what constantly inspires us to innovate in creating new products, ensuring that they are sustainable and address their needs as well.”The first-of-it-kind Pee Safe Undergarment Spray helps sanitize your intimate wear for up to 48 hours and provides 99.9% long-lasting protection against all harmful bacteria and germs. The natural lime essential oil fragrance prevents unpleasant smell and castor oil helps fight against microorganisms.

The Pee Safe Intimate Powder on the other hand helps in maintaining intimate and personal hygiene. In addition to keeping the genitalia clean and fresh, it prevents infections, unpleasant odour, discomfort, and other health hazards. It is dermatologically tested and provides the best intimate hygiene experience.

The Oxo – Biodegradable Disposable Bags are environment friendly for easy and discreet disposal of hygiene products. They are tear and tamper-proof making them travel-friendly too and have adhesive seal locks that prevent odour and spilling of waste. These have been specially designed to decrease human contact with waste, thus preventing waste pickers from catching any disease and are completely degradable thereby protecting our environment in the long-run.

Pee Safe’s Reusable Sanitary Pads are hassle-free, durable and nature friendly as they help in the reduction of disposable menstrual waste that adds to the landfills. They can last up to one whole year if they are used correctly and proper care is taken. All you have to do is soak them in cold water and wash them like any other cloth. Then dry them out in sunlight. These pads are crafted with breathable fabric, which ensures a comfortable period. They are soft enough to prevent any kind of itching or rashes, which usually happens due to the use of plastic-based pads.  Pee Safe products are currently available in modern trade, general stores, airports, and organized stores across 40+ cities and online at www.peesafe.com and across leading eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Nykaa, and Flipkart.

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