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The Art of Advocacy’s Aman Hingorani interacted with Aryans Law students

New Delhi, To encourage the skills of advocacy in the law students, Aryans College of Law, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organised a webinar on “Making Law Students Practice Ready: The Art of Advocacy”. Dr Aman Hingorani, Advocate-on-Record and Mediator, Supreme Court of India was the keynote speaker while Advocate Gagan Pradeep Singh Bal was the rhetorician and Dr Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group welcomed the guests. Hundreds of LL.B. & BA-LL.B. students attended the session. Dr Aman Hingorani while pointing out the legal education system said that Indian legal education system produces law graduates without implanting the skills of practising and thus it is the real clients who become experimental victims for the new inexperienced advocates.

Hingorani while asserting the framework of legal subjects like Drafting, Pleading, Client Counselling, Legal Ethics etc said that these are required to be implemented thoroughly. He highlights various skills including communication, Advocacy skill, mediator skill or mediation.

Hingorani further discussed various skills including examining, the cross-questioning, role of mediator etc in solving the disputes.  He encouraged all legal schools to organise sessions, internships and the moot courts etc to improve the skills. He advised students to adopt the Mantra that Advocacy isn’t a learning process…..!! It’s an Art, How you create the facts…!!

Bal emphasized that skill needs to be chiselled and the individual pruned himself to assist the Hon’ble institution in a true, able, sincere and strictly honest manner.

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