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We demand bail out package for Dental Doctors during the COVID-19 Lockdown-IDA

We urge our Central Govt. and PM Modi ji :
Govt should acknowledge the condition of Dental Doctors during the COVID-19 Lockdown scenario and should work out a bail out package for the practicing dentists and new comers.
During the lockdown, due to adhering to the Govt. order and in view of the Supreme Court Guidelines restraining aerosol generating procedures, the practicing dentists have been deprived of their lively hood and are under great financial stress.
1. . Fixing of a comprehensive Compensation package to practising dentists according to their ITR
2. Provision of a minimum of 100-200 PPE Kits to support the practicing Dentists either free or at subsidized rates.
3. Provision of fumigation machines/disinfection paraphernalia at subsidised rates.
4. Provision of interest free loans to practicing dentists for a period of 2 years / till situation improves.
5. Interest free rescheduling of existing loans taken by practicing dentists for a minimum of 1 year
6. Insurance Schemes to cover practicing dentists for the risk involved in treatment.
7. All government reimbursement schemes for treatment (applied earlier only to corporate dental practice) should be extended to every practicing dentist.
8. Income tax relief at least for current financial year.
9. Fixing of a basic honorarium for newly passed out Dental Graduates for 1 year, for their survival.

Dr Kapil K Raina

Founder Secretary General
Delhi Kolkatta Dental Forum
Honorary Secretary
Indian Dental Association
West Delhi

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