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BJP’s Attempt to Politicize & Communalise ‘Palghar’ is Shameful-Congress

New Delhi: The incident of mob lynching in Village Gadchinchli on the border of Dadar Nagar Haveli (110 Kms away from Palghar) on the night of 16th April is extremely unfortunate and the Congress Party unequivocally condemns it. There is no place for violence in our civilized society and the strictest possible action must be taken against the accused. The coalition Government of Maharashtra has lodged an FIR and arrested 110 people. The coalition Government has also ordered a CID Crime Investigation by DGP, Shri Atul Kulkarni. All the arrested persons are local Aadivasis from Vikramgarh Taluka in District Palghar.
There is no communal or Hindu-Muslim angle to the attack as is being sought to be projected by those, who see an opportunity in every such incident to inflame communal passion. We urge all such persons and groups including political parties and a section of media to desist from doing so.
Tragically, BJP & its echo system as also a section of media are attempting to project the incident with communal overtones. These attempts to politicise are deeply shameful and must be rejected with the contempt they deserve.
We have urged the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Shri Uddhav Thackeray to ensure an expeditious trial and punishment of the guilty
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